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10 Best Acne Patches For Pimples

Jul 13, 2023

Almost everyone has seen their skin sprout a particularly obvious and painful pimple, one that takes forever to heal and is impossible not to squeeze. So many of the breakout-prone among us vouch for the skin-clearing wonders of acne patches, which offer a triple-threat solution to zits: They can conceal, heal and prevent you from picking at them.

Whether you know them as pimple patches, zit stickers or acne dots, these patches are usually made with an absorbent hydrocolloid material that draws out excess sebum, fluid and superficial debris from a breakout, making it appear less obvious while expediting the healing process. Some also come infused with skin care ingredients like acne-fighting salicylic acid or calming tea tree oil.

Most of the time these patches are ultra thin and translucent, making them easy to wear beneath makeup across a wide range of skin tones, or simply on their own in order to prevent wandering fingers from wreaking even more havoc on the skin.

Whether you’re a seasoned acne patch pro or want to try them out for the first time, it’s good to have an idea of the options out there and, most importantly, those that are the highest-rated. Find quicker healing in the upcoming lineup of pimple patches that happen to be some of the internet’s favorites.

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