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This slim front RFID wallet is available at Amazon

May 24, 2023

These days you don't even need to lose your wallet to have your information stolen—scanners can access your credit or debit card info while it's still in your bag. It sounds like Mission Impossible but it happens to countless people every day. That's when Coco Rossi Slim Front Wallet comes to the rescue. And in so many patterns (42!) that it's easy to forget that it also does double-duty to block the RFIDs that scanners read. Best of all? You get safety, style and security for just $15 at Amazon.

Block scammers from getting your info - and look fantastic while doing so - with Coco Rossi's wallet. The size is minimal, but the patterns are not.

Pictured is the chic Cow print, but this wallet also comes in Sunflower, Marble, Glitter Tiffany, and 39 other patterns. It has six credit card slots, one ID card holder and one cash compartment — all which slide easily into your pocket, handbag, backpack or purse. And the wrist band comes with a key ring, so you can use it for keys, wallets, ID badges and even digital cameras (they're making a comeback!).

The Coco Rossi Slim Front Wallet also makes a great gift for that special someone who's always ruffling through a bag that's overflowing with receipts and makeup. Now both of you can whip out your debit card, pick up lattes, and know that no one has tried to hack your card from a distance.

Shoppers love this wallet — it's over 4,000 five-star fans who rave about its convenience.

One mom-on-the-go exclaimed, "This has been perfect! I love the short loop on the wallet, it's so is easy to take alone on my wrist or to find and pull out of my bag. I’m a busy mom and have to adapt often and quickly with what I have to take with me. This has been a great fit for what I need!"

“I just wanted something small to throw in my pocket when I couldn't carry a purse," echoed another fan. There are so many places now you can't take large purses: theaters, stadiums, museums...these fit perfectly in my front or back pocket, they're RFID protected and look great too. I loved it so much I ordered two more!"

But does its slim size mean having to sacrifice convenience? Not according to this reviewer: “I bought this because I hate carrying a purse. It holds my cards and a bit of cash. I have seven cards and an ID in it. Super convenient!"

So whether you’re a travel buff, or just traveling all over the neighborhood running errands, the Coco Rossi Wallet is both a fashionable and practical accessory. There aren't many that can successfully work both angles. And best of all, you know your information will be safe and secure, no matter where the day or night takes you.

The wrist strap is made of durable soft polyester and high-quality leather, while the metal buckle and key ring are tough enough to stay on your backpack.

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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