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I live in Texas and still garden in the summer heat

Jun 23, 2023

A DIY garden enthusiast doesn't let the Texas heat mess with her - or her growing garden.

A green-thumbed TikToker from Texas was eager to show followers how she protects her plants from the sweltering summer temperatures.

The gardening guru was not afraid to throw shade when it came to growing a bigger garden - she is from Texas, after all.

"You guys wanna see how I hang my shade cloth, let's do it," the woman behind From The Garden (@fromthegarden) exclaimed.

She pointed to where she had tied paracords to grommets along her roof as she showed how she attached the black shade from the back of her house.

The gardening tool-toting Texan showed viewers how she connected the Amazon-purchased shade cloth to her house using low-priced outdoor brackets from Lowes.

"That's a 110-pound rated impaired cord," she said.

She also excitedly showed off her plant-saving 10-by-20-foot shade cloth as she expanded: "It is then run from a conduit tea post structure that is ten feet tall at the other end of my garden."

Followers also got a look at her growing garden, with some gorgeous greenery already fully sprouted.

To grasp the full effect of her gardening efforts, she gave a peak at what the structure looked like pre-shade cloth, which she said is "usually used for tomato."

Now styled with the shade cloth, the handy influencer described the rest of the process.

"The structure is just a tension point, and then we actually have screw stakes into the ground that the paracord is going into."

Filled with multiple planters and wooden lawn chairs, the fenced-in backyard was soon equipped to defend its resident plants from heat damage destruction.

Many of her almost 223,000 followers were stunned by the plant savior's hack against the summer heat.

"Wow, look at TikTok knowing what I need!!!" exclaimed one follower.

Some viewers were also curious gardening fans who had follow-up questions for the Texan TikToker:

"I just got 2 shade cloths, I am in zone 7a (west Texas heat), do you recommend hanging shade cloths over tomatoes and peppers?"

"Yes, I wait to shade my peppers until it gets really hot, but tomatoes get shade once we stay above 90 every day," the TikTok creator responded.