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Gwyneth Paltrow shares photo with mom Blythe Danner and daughter Apple

Nov 24, 2023

Gwyneth Paltrow shared a photo featuring three generations of her family over the weekend.

The actress posed for the sweet snap with her 19-year-old daughter Apple Martin and her own mother, 80-year-old actress Blythe Danner, at an event for her brand Goop in Amagansett.

Paltrow shared plenty of photos from the intimate dinner in an Instagram post, including more shots with Apple, her husband Brad Falchuk, her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman and more friends.

The event was held in celebration of a new Goop serum. In honor of the product's launch, the actress spoke to British Vogue about aging and skin care.

"I think it's culture's problem," she told the outlet, speaking about the idea that women are judged on their appearances while aging more than men. "It's not ours! As women, we want to be healthy, we want to be ageing. This idea that we're supposed to be frozen in time is so weird."

She continued, "I love it when I hear somebody like Andie MacDowell, with her beautiful grey curls, talking about embracing ageing and the difference between how we handle a George Clooney [compared to how most women are perceived]. It's handsome to go grey [as a man], but for women it's like, 'What do you plan to do about your wrinkles and your ageing skin?'"

Paltrow added that there is "definitely a double standard."

Speaking on the idea behind her company's new skin care product, she said, "I don't want to erase time from the life I've lived, and I don't have to be wrinkle free. But I do think that trying to maintain skin texture and luminosity is great."

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