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13 Hot Weather Hacks That Are Suspiciously Easy

May 20, 2023



Editor's note: Don't judge me, but this is a picture of my filter after I hadn't changed it in a year...whoops.






Editor's note: A commenter claimed they were a valet and it worked on 70% of the cars they came into contact with. However, it didn't work with my or my husband's car :(, so I guess there's only one way to find out if this works for you, which is to go out and try it.


"Once the weather starts to get warmer in the morning, it’s best to shut your house up and keep any cool air from the night trapped in your house. Once it cools down at night, set fans in your windows and blast the cooler air in. Repeat until heat wave has passed."



—Cal Johnson-Edwards - Almost Human

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