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LSP confirms Shreveport council chairman had patch, not badge

Sep 01, 2023

A LSP patch can be seen in James Green's hand during a June 21 traffic stop.

SHREVEPORT, La. – City Council Chairman James Green had a state police uniform patch, not a badge, in his possession when he was stopped for a window tint violation two months ago.

Green alternately referred to the patch as a badge, then as a patch. He produced it when he also showed Shreveport police officers a badge and card from the Shreveport City Marshal’s Office. But KTBS wanted to clarify exactly what he had from the state police.

Green said the LSP “badge” was given to him because he claims he is a “certain person.” He declined to tell officers where he got it or explain why he showed it to them.

State Police Maj. Cordell Williams, the Region 3 patrol command inspector, told KTBS Wednesday he gave the patch to Green about three or four years ago when he spoke in Green’s church. It’s commonplace for troopers to hand out LSP patches at public gatherings.

The patch oftentimes accompanies an informational sheet that includes the history of the patch and state police in Louisiana. They are used as recruiting and community engagement tools, Williams said.

“We give them to those who are supportive of state police or as token of appreciation of their prayers and support,” Williams said. “It also gives an opportunity to talk about the state police, our mission and how we work in the community.”

Ministers, city and community leaders and even children are on the receiving end of the patches, Williams said.

It’s never stated but is understood the patch is not to be shown to other law enforcement during a traffic stop or to gain perks such as free meals.

“That ain’t your business,” Green told a Shreveport police officer who made the traffic stop on June 21 and asked why the council member had what was referred to as two badges – one from the city marshal and one from state police.

“So, they give them to certain people. I have the badge. I have the whole deal. … They gave it to me,” Green said.

Green further explained “they” – without naming names – didn’t given him authorization to say why he had the LSP patch. He said it could either be put on the car or anywhere.

Green said he chose to put the patch “here,” patting what appeared to a wallet in his hand. Green also said he has “what the patch means,” but said that information was at his church.

“But I wouldn’t be stupid enough to be riding around with that just to do it,” Green said.

Green did have a badge and what he called a commission card from the city marshal’s office. However, on Tuesday, the city marshal’s public information officer said the card is not a commission card, in that it did not make Green a commissioned deputy marshal. Instead, the card was just an honorary symbol given during the previous administration.

Neither the badge nor card are to be used in traffic stops, the marshal’s office stated. But because of a concern in the way Green presented it, Marshal James Jefferson will be asking Green to return both.

Green was not cited for the dark window tint. He was given a verbal warning.

SHREVEPORT, La. – “I’m a certain person.”

SHREVEPORT, La. – City Council Chairman James Green may not be a “certain person” much longer.

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