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English Bulldog Pushes His Brother's Buttons During Insanely Cute 'Sibling Drama'

Aug 13, 2023

We all know that kids tend to know exactly what to do to annoy their siblings, and it seems that the same is true with dogs too! Bentley and Finn are English bulldog brothers who have a love/hate relationship, just like siblings do. Their mom shared a video earlier this month of their 'sibling drama', and it's the cutest thing you'll see today!

Finn knows exactly which of Bentley's buttons to push to annoy him, and it seems like he enjoys doing it. What makes this video epic is the sound they used to accompany it. It's the 'drumstick' scene that Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly act out in the movie Step Brothers, and it's the perfect background for this scene!

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I have watched this video of @Bentley & Finn at least three times, and it gets funnier every time. Bentley is so annoyed by his little brother, and all he wants to do is be lazy and take a nap (which makes sense since he's an English bulldog!) Finn wants his attention and wants to play, but Bentley isn't having it at all. It's just too cute!

Commenters loved it, too. @f_means noticed, "Finn is the ultimate button pusher LOL! It’s the best!" @Antoine Banks laughs, "Bentley's reactions be having me hollering!!!" I couldn't agree more when @LFie says, "You can seriously remake that movie with Bentley and Finn. The sound always matches perfectly!!" And @RB made me laugh with, "Finn: does not take hints well!"

English bulldogs are gentle and easygoing pets. They love their sleep (they sleep an average of 12-14 hours a day!), and they are not very active. While that might sound like an ideal pet, they also can have a lot of health problems. Make sure to research the breed before considering one for your next family pet.

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