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Aldine ISD to Implement New Centegix Badges for Campus Staff

Sep 02, 2023

During the 2023-24 school year, Aldine ISD, through the assistance of Centegix, will see the implementation of CrisesAlert badges for all campus teachers and staff throughout the district to further enhance Aldine’s commitment to the safety of its students and staff. Centegix’s CrisisAlert solution will be fully installed throughout all campuses in the district by the end of August.

CrisisAlert is a safety and security solution unique for its ability to deliver precise alert location, immediate audio and visual incident notifications (including lighted strobes, screen messages, and intercom integration), simple activation via a CrisisAlert badge, and 100% full campus coverage. CrisisAlert enables staff and security professionals to request assistance and implement emergency protocols from anywhere.

“The system has a very sophisticated mapping feature that allows responders to see exactly which room or hallway the emergency is coming from, and from who,” said AISD PD Chief, Paul Cordova. “In the event of a real active shooter we could share this information with outside police agencies who may be coming to aid us.”

The new CrisisAlert solution will enable all teachers and staff to call for help with a simple press of a button on a wearable badge. The solution’s simple activation via the CrisisAlert badge, location accuracy, and 100% full campus coverage ensure help will arrive quickly when needed. Teachers and staff will receive training on these features accordingly. Once training is completed, Aldine ISD employees will then be issued their personal card to be worn alongside their district badges.

Centegix’s CrisisAlert platform is an incident alerting solution that protects students and staff members by empowering teachers and staff to call for help with a simple push of a button. The solution provides first responders with the most accurate location information enabling them to respond faster in any situation.

The badges have two unique settings that are both used by pressing the emergency button. Three clicks would be used for lower level emergencies such as a fight, a disruptive student or a medical condition. Eight or more clicks would be used for a serious emergency such as an active shooter or someone with a gun. Additionally, three clicks will summon campus responders, including any police already on campus, while eight or more clicks will summon the police department via the emergency dispatch center.

CrisisAlert can also activate an emergency lockdown, which triggers audio and visual notifications. Strobe lights will flash and beep in every room and hallway, and instructional messages are displayed on computers connected to the network. The intercom plays a message with instructions corresponding to the alert type. Campus and district administrators would also be able to initiate an alert remotely through the mobile or desktop app in the event of an incident for either a single campus or district-wide.

Centegix is a company that will be able to provide a welcomed set of safety additions to Aldine ISD’s staff and students. The installation of Centegix’s badges comes after a successful pilot program at one of the campuses during the end of the 2022-23 school year.

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